Below are some examples of films I have edited or created motion graphics and animations for.

Great Big Story - Shin Li Art

Filmed across New York and Seoul, this cute short film for Great Big Story involved a bit of After Effects magic to tell it through split screen, with a pretty fancy 'merging' money shot towards the end. 

First Bank - Expansion

This TV commercial was part of a series of short animations for First Bank Nigeria where I was able to design and execute all under the hood in AE.

Samsung & Google TVC 2015

When the creator of Google Maps wants to be put into his own app for an ad, we figured out a way; even if it meant dragging greenscreens around Bondi Beach and stopping traffic for takes.

Great Big Story - Moutai, History in a Bottle

Shot in the historic and beautiful hills of Guizhou, China, Great Big Story cover the unusual obsession of the 'vegemite tasting' liquor, Moutai. Harvested from fermented yeast, the drink has been served up as the traditional beverage in China for hundreds of years, we take a look at how it's made.