Below are some examples of productions I have filmed, edited and scored original music to.


In some cases I even dipped my toes into 'lite' visual effects  with grading, sky replacements, image touch ups and compositing.

Costa Rica Tourism Campaign

Shot over 14 days in the dense jungles, vibrant urban streets and breath taking beaches of Costa Rica. Edited with my original track, the client liked it so much, the campaign was shared on social media by the President!

Hungary Tourism Campaign

We followed a wild-water swimmer as she explored the lakes, spas, rivers and gorges of Hungary. Original track built to the edit to encompass the modern and historic sensibilities of Hungary.  

Greeks of the Sea

We spent 9 weeks travelling across 17 Greek islands capturing the story of the world's greatest maritime nation. Working with a skeleton crew, I filmed, edited and scored this TV series, now available on Amazon prime.

Nexium 24hr TVC

Shot with the hilarious Miguel Maestre, this commercial features firey wit matched with spicy dishes on a hot day at Bondi. Original track produced for the TVC to be fun, light hearted, but present.

Mauritius Tourism Campaign

This film was captured on RED, Blackmagic, Sony and DJI cameras to capture this unique story which enfolded in very contrasting environments! Original music inspired by traditional Mauritian folksong 

ISF Lleyton Hewitt Branded Content

The retiring Lleyton Hewitt teams up with Industry Super Fund to take a look at his legendary career, its early beginnings, and its future. Captured on Sony F55s with Cooke Primes for that soft, warm glow.

Great Big Story - Moutai, History in a Bottle

Shot in the historic and beautiful hills of Guizhou, China, Great Big Story cover the unusual obsession of the 'vegemite tasting' liquor, Moutai. Harvested from fermented yeast, the drink has been served up as the traditional beverage in China for hundreds of years, we take a look at how it's made.

Anything Is Possible

Filmed with world marathon runner Paul Tergat in Nairobi, we tell the story of one boy's journey to the Olympics and beyond.