Joe Kiely is a real hands on filmmaker with expertise that span directing, camera operating, editing, music composition and sound design.


In his early career, Joe honed his photographic and editorial chops, acting as cinematographer and editor for worldwide brands including QANTAS, Samsung, ALDI, and Chambord, filming and overseeing post-production for advertising campaigns, TV Idents, and online content in Sydney Australia. He also lead a production crew through Greece over 9 weeks to capture the documentary series Greeks of the Sea. 


In 2016, Joe relocated to the UK to grow his production company, Tadpole Studios. He spent the next 2 years capturing stunning tourism commercials for CNN International, filming in dense jungles of Costa Rica, the dry countryside of Kenya, and underwater in Mauritius and Hungary to name a few. Back in London, Joe created original music and sound design for these productions, while completing a Masters of Music in Composition for the Screen at the Royal College of Music as a scholar. 

Serving as both cinematographer and composer on these projects allowed Joe to create the audio-visual experience simultaneously, where both aspects of the project can build on each other, creating a cohesive story rather than complementing it.

The past 2 years, Joe has continued to delve deeper into music production and sound design, venturing into feature films with Incidental Characters, pop music and library production tracks which have been licensed for global campaigns such as Cadillac and Chanel. 

Joe filming spider monkeys for Costa Rica commercial

As an assistant/orchestrator/arranger, Joe has worked with British Composer Alex Baranowski on recent theatrical productions at London's Old Vic Theatre providing musical parts for Fanny and Alexander. More recently, Joe worked alongside Alex for the BBC's Rugby World Cup 2018 ident package. These tracks were recorded with some of London's top session players at Abbey Road Studio 1, with Sir John Tomlinson as a featured vocalist. 

Joe works fluently across the Adobe Suite, Cubase Pro 9.5, Pro Tools 12 and Sibelius Ultimate, and is also a frequent user of Logic Pro X. 

Joe conducting his original score for mini science documentary Becoming in 2019

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